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2023 Get My Life Together Planner WITH Affirmation Cards - DIGITAL PLANNER

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These will ship/emailed November 15th or BEFORE
This is a photo of the digital planner 
If you have the 2022 digital drive, it IS included!
Our planners include:
Monthly calendars
Weekly spreads
Daily spreads (only included in the digital version)
Printable Affirmation cards (printable PDF included with both versions)
Business needs - 
Email/newsletter planner
Social Media Planner with trackers
Fun/National Holidays
Product Planners
Group Trackers
Drive Trackers
Expense Pages
Inventory Pages
Wellness needs - 
Mental health tracker
Self care pages
Goal Setting pages
Vision board
Mindset pages
Meal planner
Password tracker
And really, whatever else I can think to throw in there!
More details on the digital version:
It is a PDF hyperlinked digital planner.  It will work best on apps like GoodNotes.  We will have a planner tutorial once it's completed for you to see more.