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Gray Eye Planchette - You Pick

Gray Eye Planchette - You Pick

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Sublimation Transfers
*Sublimation designs work best on shirts that have at least 65% polyester in them. (Apparel only)

*Apply at 385 degrees for 60 seconds (apparel) 
Make sure to use butcher/copy paper on top of the sublimation transfer so the ink doesn’t bleed through.  You will also want to put a sheet inside of your shirt so the ink doesn’t go through to the back.  
Use a lint roller on top of your item to gather all of the lint and dust first.
Pre-press your item to remove any moisture
*For applications on other items, please check the vendor you purchased your blanks from for specific pressing instructions.
HTV Transfers
HTV transfers are made with eco-solvent ink and printable vinyl for LONG lasting wear! 
These come pre-weeded so you don’t even have to worry about that!
Printed HTV transfers have a white opaque background so you can use it on any type of item (cotton, polyester, blends, etc) and you won’t have to worry about the fabric showing through.
The white in the design will be white.
*Requires medium amounts of pressure and will be applied easiest using a heat press but an easy press can be used as well.
Each transfer comes with a carrier sheet.
Put carrier sheet on top of the transfer and apply the transfer printed side up.
Press at 320 degrees for 10-15 seconds

~Wash on cold and inside out.  Do not iron on the design.
 We are not responsible for pressing incorrectly.  If you have questions, please contact us any time!
Colors will vary from screen to screen but will be as accurate as possible.
Transfer sizing - Sizing is the same for sublimation & HTV transfers
~Koozie - 3 inches
~Pocket  - 4 inches
~Infant/Toddler - 5 inches
~Youth - 7 inches
~Adult - 8-9 inches 
(The inches are the size it will be on the longest side - please keep this in mind if you have a wide design, it might not be very tall and vice versa)
*Transfers are sold individually
Die-cut stickers will be printed with eco-solvent ink and laminated for long lasting, fade/water resistant use!  These are great for use on tumblers (hand wash only)
While these are fade/water resistant, they aren’t waterproof and shouldn’t be submerged in water. 
Sticker sheets are 4.5 x 6.75 inches.
Stickers on the sheet are between 1-1.25 inches each on the longest side.  We will fit as many stickers on each sheet as possible.
They are made using weather-resistant paper but are not waterproof.
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